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One of the most rapidly growing knowledgebase in India pertain to the field of law. Not only are the number of cases being disposed by the various judicial fora increasing every year, the codified law too is in a very dynamic state and is constantly being amended and upgraded to keep in tune with changing needs.

The savvy and discerning lawyer of today needs information quickly, precisely, accurately, from a variety of sources and in a timely manner, and if this information is easily accessible, all the better. Lack of shelf-space should not be a deterrent to the up-and-coming advocate. A new technological platform was essential to address this need. The answer was a virtual bookshelf in the cloud, akin to carrying your bookshelf with you wherever you go: whether travelling out of town, commuting, working in your chambers or in the court.

LawLib is the outcome of this attempt. Our aim is to not only bring you a wide spectrum of informative content, but also ensure that the user’s experience is richly rewarding.


On an average, a hard-bound book weighs about 2 kg whereas an average tablet computer weighs under 1 kg. Would you rather carry a stack of large hardcover books or swing forward with just a single tablet? Space and time are precious today and people want information fast and tuned to their needs. A typical legal commentary is segmented into chapters and sub-chapters or subtitles based on the subject; while the table of contents or subject index can take you to where you want to go, oftentimes that may not be what you’re looking for or the complete information available in the book. Other times, you may come across a statutory reference or a case law reference in the text you’re reading, to look up which you have to fetch another book. How would you like all your content to be in one location and updated at real time and move between them with just clicks? As you browse through a commentary, you can click/tap to look up, in another publication, the full text of the Act or case law referred therein. Want to know the views of various authors on a subject? You got it. E-books truly put power in your fingertips!


As a legal practitioner, say, in the field of direct taxes, you subscribe to a host of journals and when the need to refer arises, you look up the subject index of each journal, sometimes multiple indexes of a journal, if one consolidated index is not available, and then open each volume to go through the case, and mark out what is important in them, before collating the information and preparing your brief. With an ejournal, you can search not only by the subject, but also by the full text, Act-section, assessment year, judge, date of judgement, counsel, etc. You can combine search criteria for a more precise search result; quickly move to cases referred or annotated in the text; look up the text of the section from bare Acts; look up the commentary of the case from various publications; etc. In effect, it’s a paradigm shift in the way you do legal research. For example, a search on "sanction for amalgamation of companies" will throw up High Court and Supreme Court decisions on the subject; when browsing through the case text, you can click to view the following

  • Text of the sections referenced therein.
  • The text of the case referred or annotated therein.
  • The text of any circular or notification referred therein.
  • The commentary on the case from various publications.
  • A broad holistic view of the solution prepares you better for the case at hand.


For most of the books in Lawlib, you may be able to view the contents such as About the book, Preface, Introduction, Table of contents, Subject index, About the author, etc. to help you make a purchase decision. However, some of the books are completely complimentary. You can click on the links in the Table of Content to view the full text of the book.


Sofist India, the force behind LawLib, has been catering to the discerning needs of the legal fraternity for over two decades. We have data-captured, processed and marked-up over 8.4 gigabytes characters of legal information and, to go with it, developed turnkey cross-platform desktop applications, browser-based web applications, and native mobile and tablet apps for law publishers all over India.

With the digitisation of more and more legal content, we saw the benefit in bringing all these publishers, who are doyens in their respective fields, into to a single stage to showcase their products and more importantly work seamlessly with one another to provide the best of solutions to users all over the country.

We welcome your feedback and wish you many hours of lawlibbing!